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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A God-sized assignment: House Mom at His Harvest House!

Earlier this year, while continuing to work full-time at Mission Possible I responded to God's call to fill a temporary assignment as a "house mom" at a transitional home for women coming out of homelessness, substance abuse, prison, or other dangerous circumstances.

From January - early February, 2009 I lived with six women between the ages of 20-64 for five weeks, providing spiritual, emotional, and logistical leadership and acting as the liaison between His Harvest House and its parent organizations (Luke 4:18 Ministries and Christian Women's Job Corp). I led a morning Bible study several days a week and coordinated daily schedules and activities with a team of volunteers who help provide support and well-being for the residents. I also did intake interviews and orientation for new residents and temporary guests, of which there were many, due to the nature of the homeless population being highly transient and exposed to situations that necessitate immediate housing if available. (There is an extreme shortage of transitional housing for women in Austin, so since opening in December 2008 it has remained at full occupancy for most of the time.)

While I was COMPLETELY in over my head and ill-prepared for this assignment in my own strength, I see in hindsight how God equipped me with the love I needed to bring some peace to these women's often chaotic daily lives. It sounds trite but is true, that I received more than I gave. We lived as a family for those five weeks, and I had the privilege of experiencing the erasure of the subtle "line" between the servant and the one being served that so often causes us to unknowingly act as benevolent oppressors. I learned first-hand that resources alone rarely if ever have the power to "fix" people, and that the road to true healing is filled with as much pain and disappointment as it is with love, faith, and laughter.

My experience confirmed that it's NEVER too late, that EVERYONE is worth the effort, and that God is the POWER SOURCE for love, healing, and life.

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